Baroque trees and Rococo

Baroque trees and Rococo
24 april 2018 admin

In the sound of autumn’s flight
winter throws an artful show
when he crafts with clay and snow
baroque trees and Rococo

Beautiful the hills beneath
skilful captured in the freeze
flowers locked in fragile shells
still’s enchanted by the spell
of the everlasting white

Crystallized into calcite

In the fast and endless flight
and the luminescent light
everlasting trees stand tall
shed their leaves for winter’s fall

Forests rule the marble halls

Greatness and eternity reflect from broken barken walls

And when the spring is there and calls
upon the dew and summer’s waltz
the world beneath breaks out and sprawls
its roots and tendrils ‘till the fall
will cover them again

Protecting all his precious gems
even when they’re only stems
of a long forgotten life

In a world of white, they thrive
and will not melt at all

Lifting up the world they shall
leaving humankind in awe

For that winters cloak will fall
because he loves us all.