Little Wanderer

Little Wanderer
19 oktober 2017 admin

I travel the moon, his shades and beyond
to witness its movements the moment it dawned
and capture the light rays of silver, it spawned
can hear ancient echoes of childbirth, it yawned

forget about moments of yearning gone by
remember all beauty for which I will fight
I am not afraid of blackness or white
nor for the frights you’ll see in the light

I capture those treasures and bundle them tight
attached to a kite on a flight through the night
you’ll never see or hear them besides
in poems of wanders, which I will write

kind are those moments of words that you’ll find
loved are the times from which they ignite

the sparks of these fragments improve your sight
so cross the wide stream of bright and delight
wade in the spring where the water won’t flow
and break through his mirror of glass, down below

are fragments of stone and splinters of bone
and thousands of pebbles that have been thrown
marked the loved lanes into the unknown
I’ve seen them and walked them, in pairs or alone

But never been able to measure them though

for inches are wide and meters too thin
I can’t define where or when to begin
and thinking of endings is still a sin
life will not win if death is certain

so I’ll wander on to where I’ve never been
to all the places
yet to be seen.