Loved Piano keys and fears

Loved Piano keys and fears
9 februari 2019 admin

The draughtsman loved the golden dance
and turned his eyes away from dark
the unforgetful white at last
possessed enough to free a spark

and with that mark, the room was lit
and burned away the blackened tears
nothing tends to tear apart
loved Piano keys and Fears

and when his music calls upon
the softened heart and weakened leaves
ink is purified again
and the light, so he believes, is true

the hidden ones that knew a few
silenced moves and sketches too
danced in ivory and gold
emerged from torn up tales untold
timeless thoughts that were too old
sound like they are new

the line is straight but shades askew
the paper hides and colours hue
ink stains reign the sheets and screw-
up the notes, the draughtsman drew

still, he loves his golden land
and separates the light from dark
the unforgetful song will last
engraves a never-fading mark

and with a spark, the world was lit
and left a tone in deadened ears
no one tends to mute the sound
of Piano keys and tears.