Marble of Might

Marble of Might
29 december 2017 admin

I live inside a crystal world
cast off darkness and the cold
my persona, still untold
hides in its translucent mould

cracks are travelling their way
breaking faces made of clay
stay and see what they have made
nothing more will you create

in your liquid shell of lead
you will see no sun instead
you adore the endless black
boundaries are what you lack

so you cast your spells upon
stars and my beloved sun
eyes turn blind and I can’t feel
now your world
is sealed

viscous movements are congealed
and the scars that you revealed
are engraved and can’t be healed

now the fragments of the glass
the scatters of the past

so I turn my head and hide
from your melted words that might
form the figurines of dreams
reaching for the end
it seems

but, I’m rather locked in light
than remain here at your side

in the end you’ll see your pride
breaks the marble of your might.