The colour of Opaque

The colour of Opaque
29 september 2017 admin

I saw the shades of amber grey
noticed black and brown, which lay
on the surface of your scene
covered all the tints of green

and red, the white, the pale, the blue
the pastels that were never you

look only at the ones who reign
the saint, which picture must be framed
the “colourful” cannot be blamed
they are not seen, or very faint

yet immortalized in paint.

all these hidden things beneath
like wind in colours of the wheat
revelate, inside their flow
the bending gold with silver glow

disturbs the feathers of the crow.

I know, this is not what I mean
one’s perception lies between
what is or what has never been
and everything that is not seen.

I paint with colours of opaque
a hidden world, that is too vague
it’s existence that I break

the dream
from which
I must