The Perished and New

The Perished and New
22 september 2017 admin

Here, in the cold
silence of dark
breath of life melts away
deep in the unseen black myth of death
the hunter becomes the prey

not to be seen
not to be found
not touched by even a ray

of sun or shimmer
sole purified dark
extinguished the light of day

but from this perished
putrefied ground
the ones that are gone to stay

lift up their heads
unfold their pennons
never to go astray

there’s something nice
about the dark
that turns our life
out of grey

the petals and leaves
the twist in their weaves
they’re weaving beyond decay

the perished
the new
the land of the dew
the dawn of our softly green

and this is why death cannot be seen
for life rules in between.

| Inspired by Christina Rosetti