The Sparrow (to the moon)

The Sparrow (to the moon)
25 december 2017 admin

You fly towards a sky of bronze
filled with silver pentagons
endless shelves with lexicons
which disappear when morning dawns

A language that is still divine
heard when light rays intertwine
combines, as you connect the lines
and speak their sacred rhymes of chimes

Constellations fill the air with ancient but forgotten signs
seen in times when one was looking and adoring all they find

In that endless room of thought
where words are meaningful and kind
stars are looking for the souls
that know love and do not mind

the strangeness and the rarities in their cabinet of light
where you’re not the only one
words are sometimes out of sight

but you’ll find them anyway
even when it’s not so bright

for you know our coded songs
they will lighten up the night